Facebook Live
for Musicians

Sarah Watson

Episode 37

Welcome to the Rustic Songbird Podcast!

Are you a singer who's afraid to put yourself out there online? What if no one watches? Or, what if they do?

In this episode, Lydia Walker interviews Sarah Watson about her story of singing regularly on Facebook Live. Sarah shares about facing her fears of going live, and what it felt like to finally go for it. She also talks about the response from people watching, and how it's helping to build her audience online.

Connect with Sarah on her Facebook pages, Sarah Beth Watson Music, and "I Love Christian Folk Music".

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What We Talk About:

~ How musicians can use Facebook Live to connect with others and build your audience

~ How to overcome the fear of putting yourself out there

~ Tips for starting with Facebook Live, even if you're not tech savvy

Watch the full interview here:

Stuff You're Going to Want to Check Out:

Here are some songwriting resources that you may find helpful.   

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