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Episode 100 ~ Grand Finale: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Lydia Walker & DarleneRaye

Episode 99 ~ How To Find Opportunities In The Music Industry with Lydia Walker

Episode 98 ~ How To Copyright Your Music Online with Shawn Thompson

Episode 97 ~ How To Be More Resourceful with Bill Zufelt

Episode 96 ~ Growing Your Music YouTube Channel with Rob Balasabas

Episode 95 ~ Making Songwriting A Habit with Lydia Walker

Episode 94 ~ Single Release Strategy with Tobias

Episode 93 ~ What It's Like To Be On The Voice with Emmalee

Episode 92 ~ Building A Long Term Songwriting Career with Dave Clark

Episode 91 ~ Best Of 2020 - Year End Review with host Lydia Walker

Episode 90 ~ Behind The Scenes On The Podcast with Lydia Walker & DarleneRaye

Episode 89 ~ Crowdfunding Your Music with Christa Wells

Episode 88 ~  Predicting Your Profitability For 2021 with Stephanie Ann Bagley

Episode 87 ~  Releasing Music As An Independent Musician with Damian Keyes

Episode 86 ~  Recording Song Demos With A Producer with Bryan Boliver

Episode 85 ~  How To Be Your Own Music Publisher with TC Courtney

Episode 84 ~  Becoming A Full Time Session Musician with Mella Barnes

Episode 83 ~  The Road To Success In The Music Industry with Jason Roy

Episode 82 ~  Writing Songs From The Heart with Roz Welch

Episode 81 ~  What To Do After Recording Your Songs with Lydia Walker

Episode 80 ~  Staying Consistent As A Musician with Katherine Forbes

Episode 79 ~  Collaborating With Other Musicians with Chelsea Amber

Episode 78 ~  Writing Healing Songs Through Grief with Allison Brost

Episode 77 ~  Getting Started With Sync Licensing with Heather Evans

Episode 76 ~  What It's Like Working For A Record Label with Ellen Hogan

Episode 75 ~  Songwriting Tips For Beginners with Sarah Spencer

Episode 74 ~  Music Publishing And The Power Of A Song with Randy Cox

Episode 73 ~  Living Out Your Spiritual Purpose with Brittany Batson

Episode 72 ~  Being Called To More Than Music with Grant Norsworthy

Episode 71 ~  How To Slay As A Multifaceted Musician with Shay Watson

Episode 70 ~  When Your Songs Go Viral with Camille & Haley Harris

Episode 69 ~  Girls And Guitars with Kyla Simone

Episode 68 ~  Writing Songs Using Scripture with Haylie Allcott

Episode 67 ~  God Is In The Details with Hanna Freeman

Episode 66 ~  Girls With Guitars Challenge with Krista Francis

Episode 65 ~  How To Figure Out Your Next Step with Lydia Walker

Episode 64 ~  Song Administration 101 with Holly Salazar

Episode 63 ~  Networking As A Musician with Jonathan Warren

Episode 62 ~  Creating Boundaries with Natalie Runion

Episode 61 ~  Writing Songs Solo vs. Co-writing with Lara Marriott

Episode 60 ~  The Heart of A Worship Leader with Amy Savin

Episode 59 ~  The Future Of The Music Industry with Katie Zaccardi

Episode 58 ~  Performing Virtual Concerts For Senior Citizens with Kristen Kieckhaefer

Episode 57 ~  Navigating A New Season with Jenna Grace May

Episode 56 ~  How To Produce Your Own Music with Rachel Barrentine

Episode 55 ~  Storytelling And Character Development with Hannah Conway

Episode 54 ~  Serving The Church Through Music And Leadership with Heather Lawrence

Episode 53 ~  Basic Tips for Making Great Videos with Lydia Walker

Episode 52 ~  Best Ways To Get Press For Your Music with Angela Mastrogiacomo

Episode 51 ~  Getting Started With Co-Writing with Deanna Porterfield

Episode 50 ~  How To Sing Your Songs With Emotions with Tiffany Vanboxtel

Episode 49 ~  You Can Make A Living In The Music Industry with John Martin Keith

Episode 48 ~  Vocal Coach Secrets For Finding Your Voice with Moe Loughran

Episode 47 ~  How To Balance A Day Job And A Music Career with Kristina Ward

Episode 46 ~  Success Mindset For Musicians with Lorneth Delora Peters

Episode 45 ~  How To Pitch Your Songs For TV with Shawn Williams

Episode 44 ~  How To Release Your Own Music Online with Lydia Walker

Episode 43 ~  How To Get Organized As A Gigging Musician with Pam Weston

Episode 42 ~  How To Build Your Audience On Patreon with Grace Askew

Episode 41 ~  How To Get Your Songs On Spotify Playlists with Allison Clarke

Episode 40 ~  Singing After Brain Trauma with Cristabelle Braden

Episode 39 ~  How To Promote Your Music With Authenticity with Greg LaFollette

Episode 38 ~  Planning A Music Video Shoot with Karen Keeley

Episode 37 ~ Facebook Live For Musicians with Sarah Watson

Episode 36 ~ The Legal Side of Releasing Your Own Music with Anne Schmidt

Episode 35 ~ Why We Need Diversity in Church Music with Robby Valderrama

Episode 34 ~ Finding the Right Songwriting Mentor with Krissy Nordhoff

Episode 33 ~ How to FUND Your Passion with Lydia

Episode 32 How To Stay Motivated with Tobias

Episode 31 ~ How To Record Your Own Songs At Home with Baily Hager

Episode 30 ~ Why You Should Join a Performing Rights Organization with Katie Mae Vogrin

Episode 29 ~ Start Where You Are with Kezia Alford

Episode 28 ~ How to Prepare to Record in a Studio with Evan Sieling

Episode 27 ~ How to Build a Team that Succeeds  with Erskin Anavitarte

Episode 26 ~ Writing Songs to Make an Impact  with Rhyan Shirley

Episode 25 ~ Writing Songs for the Local Church   with Sophie Lockhart

Episode 24 ~ Trusting God's Will for Healing   with Rachel Barrentine

Episode 23 ~ How to Keep Showing Up   with Earl Arnold

Episode 22 ~ Finding Your Unique Voice  with Rachael Mann

Episode 21 ~ Writing from an Encounter with God  with Bria Jean

Episode 20 ~ Learning Structure and Storytelling  with Curt Ryle

Episode 19 ~ Making Time to Write  with Lottie Partridge

Episode 18 ~ How to Keep Moving Forward  with DarleneRaye

Episode 17 ~ Making Space for Creativity  with Amanda Kinner

Episode 16 ~ Christmas Memories and Songwriting Tips  with Richard Bair

Episode 15 ~ Overcoming Stage Fright  with Carol Moore

Episode 14 ~ Building Your Platform  with Cody Morehead

Episode 13 ~ Pursuing Your Passion  with Lara Landon

Episode 12 ~ Writing Songs to Win Souls  with Gene Schmidt

Episode 11 ~ Learning to Write Consistently  with Emma Feldman

Episode 10 ~ Timeless Jazz Songwriting  with Eleni Naomi

Episode 9 ~ Writing from the Heart  with Naima Johnston-Bush

Episode 8 ~ Seeking God's Kingdom over Fame  with Lisa Hentrich

Episode 7 ~ The Anatomy of a Good Song  with Alan Harvey

Episode 6 ~ Songwriting in the Midst of Struggle  with Rachael Thomas

Episode 5 ~ The Right Time to Release a Song  with Tasha Layton

Episode 4 ~ Putting Music to Lyrics  with Karin Simmons

Episode 3 ~ Praise and Worship Songwriting  with Daniel Doss

Episode 2 ~ Melody-Driven Songwriting  with Julie Keltonic

Episode 1 ~ Building Confidence as a Songwriter  with Erskin Anavitarte

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