How To Record Your Own
Songs At Home

Baily Hager

Episode 31

Welcome to the Rustic Songbird Podcast!

Are you looking for low cost options for recording your own demos? Want to know what equipment you need to record on your computer? Wondering what software you need to get started?

In this episode, Lydia Walker interviews Baily Hager about her setup to record her own songs at home. This is a must listen if you're looking for great quality but low cost options for recording your own demos.

We get into the nerdy details of the equipment you need (hardware and software). Baily explains and simplifies the process for you if you're just getting started recording at home!

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What We Talk About:

  • What equipment you need to get started recording at home inexpensively
  • Low cost options for a basic demo recording
  • Free vs. paid software and basic editing tips
  • How to record your own songs on your computer for free

Watch the full interview on YouTube:

Stuff You're Going to Want to Check Out:

Here are some recording resources that were mentioned in the show to help you get started.

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