Lullabies by Lydia Walker

Better sleep, for you and baby.

This album of original Lullabies is full of encouraging scripture - about rest, comfort and trusting in God.

Play this soothing music during naptime to promote a positive sleeping experience for your baby.

When you need to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere to settle down for the night, put the last track on repeat, of waves lapping on the shore.

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"(My baby) hadn't taken her normal morning nap yet and I could tell. She was tired and cranky, fighting sleep... I kept rocking her, but no luck. Then I turned on the lullaby music, and it only took two songs before she was finally out." - Tiffany

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"You will be be safe, watched from above. Under the blankets, wrapped in my love. You are tucked in tight."

~Tucked in Tight