The Legal Side of
Releasing Your Own Songs

Anne Schmidt

Episode 36

Welcome to the Rustic Songbird Podcast!

Are you getting ready to put your own music out there, but want to make sure your songs are protected? Don’t know where to start with copyrighting and publishing your work?

In this episode, Lydia Walker interviews Anne Schmidt about how to prepare to release your own songs on the legal side. Learn how to make sure your copyright is safe, and how to register with a music publishing company so you will get paid for all uses of your songs. 

Anne is a public relations manager for the Hand of Help ministry, and CSMI (Christian Songwriters Musicians International).

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What We Talk About:

  • Copyrighting your songs and how to go about protecting your music
  • Using SoundExchange to get paid as an artist and a writer
  • Why it's important to be affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization

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