Songwriting in the Midst of Struggle

Rachael Thomas

Episode 6

Welcome to the Rustic Songbird Podcast!

In this episode, our guest is Rachael Thomas. She is a songwriter, worship leader, and mom of 3 beautiful children. We talk about juggling being a songwriter and a mom, and how she used to think that she wouldn't be able to do both. Rachael also shares about how transitions in her life were the most fruitful times for songwriting, and that she got her best songs in the midst of struggle.

You can follow Rachael on Instagram @racht139.

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songwriting in the midst of struggle, Rachael Thomas

What We Talk About:

  • Juggling being a songwriter and a mom
  • Writing during hard times and transitions in life
  • Trusting the Lord for direction and his timing

Stuff You're Going to Want to Check Out:

Here are some songwriting resources that you may find helpful.

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