5 Best Podcasts for
Independent Musicians

Here is a quick list of the 5 best podcasts for independent musicians to listen to and learn about the music industry. If you're a professional musician or wanting to go from hobbyist to full time, these podcasts will give you the advice and encouragement you need to take that next step.

P.S. These shows are not listed in order of importance or popularity, just a list of 5 great podcasts you would probably enjoy! Happy listening!

1. Rustic Songbird Podcast

Hosted by Lydia Walker, for songwriters and independent musicians to learn about writing, recording, and releasing their own music. Featuring weekly episodes and interviews with people in the music industry sharing advice for how you can take your music career to the next level.

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2. YOU CAN Make A Living In The Music Industry

Hosted by John Martin Keith. Did you know that YOU CAN make a living in the music industry? Celebrities, working class musicians and people just like you who work behind the scenes in all areas of the music business will share their stores to encourage you and give you the tools and how-to examples of ways you can make a living doing what you love in the music industry. 

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3. Out To Be Podcast

Hosted by music career coach Katie Zaccardi.

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4. Star Singer Podcast

Hosted by vocal coach Tiffany Vanboxtel.

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5. DIY Musician Podcast

Hosted by CD Baby's Kevin Breuner & Chris Robley. The show is about music promotion and marketing tips for independent musicians. Learn how to build a bigger audience and reach more fans.

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Hope you find a new favorite from this list of podcasts, and that they help inspire you on your music journey. Never give up! You've got this.

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