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Here is a list of 10 of the best products for singers, recommended by professional singer Lydia Walker. Check out the recommendations below for natural and practical products for singers to use, with links to shop those products on Amazon and see the latest reviews. 

This round up of the best products for singers are not listed in order of importance or an exhaustive list, just some great quality products that singers can use with confidence to take care of themselves, their health, and their voice. Happy shopping! :)

1. Stay Hydrated with Drink LMNT
 or Liquid IV

One of the best things I can recommend to add to your routine is to add electrolyte drink mixes to your water. 

When life gets busy it can be easy to forget to drink enough water, and even when we do, sometimes we are missing the right nutrients that help our bodies retain and use that H2O effectively.

In interviews with vocal coaches on The Rustic Songbird podcast, some of their top advice was to stay adequately hydrated and to make sure to drink enough water.

My top favorite electrolyte drink mix is DRINK LMNT, available in many flavors, and they have a great sample pack to try and find what you like best. Click here to order their 12 ct Variety Pack and get started!

If the taste of LMNT is too salty for you, and you'd rather have a sweet flavor, my other recommendation would be Liquid IV, which comes in a variety of flavors (I like the Lemon Lime the best) and it's easy to quickly add to a glass of water and make part of your routine.

Shop "Liquid IV" on Amazon:

liquid iv on amazon

2. Audible Membership

In the busyness of life, it's important for our self care to have positive inputs, and to be intentional about our self talk and mental health.

Social media is a constant input of information, and can make us feel more lonely instead of connected. It's also made to be addictive, without actually helping us learn and grow.

Why not start a membership for audiobooks where you can continue learning from those who have gone before and have more control over what you're putting in your mind?

I can personally recommend a few books I've been listening to recently: 

"You Are Only Just Beginning" by Morgan Harper Nichols

"You're Going to Make It" by Lysa TerKeurst

"The Next Right Thing" by Emily P. Freeman

Audible Memberships are available in monthly or annual subscriptions, and you can sign up for a free trial. Start listening today!

Shop Audible Membership on Amazon:

3. Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle

This is my favorite water bottle to take along with me to the studio and rehearsals, and to keep with me throughout the day. You could say it's a comfort water bottle?!

I love that it's sealed and doesn't spill, because I've accidentally knocked it over multiple times.

My go-to color is black to look professional and to not stand out or be a distraction on stage or off.

As a bonus tip, I refill it from our home Berkey water filter, that makes a difference in the taste and filters out all kinds of stuff from the tap water!

It really is the little things that can make a big difference in your routine. As water bottles go, this is a great one!

Shop "Contigo Water Bottle" on Amazon:

4. Ricola Throat Drops

Keeping it real, these are great to have on hand for a sore throat or to suppress coughing. 

My go-to flavor of these Ricola throat drops is the Berry Medley, and I keep some in a basket on the shelf, and in my bag.

Especially when the air is dry in the winter months, I use these pretty often between rehearsal and start time on stage.

Shop "Ricola Throat Drops" on Amazon:

Ricola throat drops image

5. Rode NT-USB Microphone

Switching over to gear, here are some tried and true brands that I love and use, that can help you decide what your next upgrade will be.

If you're in the market for a decently priced microphone to use for home recording, podcast or video interviews, or for livestreams, this is a great option!

I've used the Rode NT-USB mic for recording demos, cover songs, and plenty of interviews. The sound quality is great and is super easy for anyone to plug in and be ready to go!

Shop "Rode NT-USB Microphone" on Amazon:

Rode NT-USB microphone image

6. Audio Technica Headphones

Who doesn't love a great pair of headphones? These professional studio quality headphones are noise cancelling and great for mixing audio as well.

I've used these for recordings podcasts, filming video interviews, and mixing/editing audio and video recordings.

This brand is quality without the price tag of others that cost twice as much.

These headphones would be a great gift for a singer who spends time working with live music or recorded audio.

Headphones are soft around the ear for listening back to music, practicing songs, or just drowning out background noise.

Shop "Audio Technica Headphones" on Amazon:

7. Earbuds for In-Ear Monitors

Also on the tech side of things, these earbuds are super affordable and have great clear audio quality to be used on stage for in-ear monitors.

I had more expensive ones for years, and then switched to using this kind after a musician friend told me about them.

Now I recommend them to my whole team and share the link with other musicians and singers all the time.

Highly recommend!

Shop "Earbuds for In-Ears" on Amazon:

8. Throat Coat Tea

A year round therapy for vocalists who sing or speak alot, is Throat Coat tea. It comes in a variety of flavors, and I usually go for the lemon flavor.

So many singers use this tea on the regular to keep their throat clear and ready to go!

You can even pair this tea with this portable electric kettle and have hot water whenever you need it - at home, on tour, backstage, or in the green room.

Shop "Throat Coat Tea" on Amazon:

9. Xlear Nasal Spray

Add this natural saline spray as a preventative way to clear the sinuses and keep airways clear. Definitely helpful for singers and speakers when duty calls but you're not feeling your best. 

This was recommended by my chiropractor and I've used it to help with minor seasonal allergies or congestion.

It works right away and lasts all day!

Shop "Xlear Nasal Spray" on Amazon:

10. Neti-pot Sinus Rinse

This porcelain neti-pot is great for sinus relief when you're dealing with congestion or sinus drainage / pressure.

I have used this many times and there is instant relief. I love that it's natural and has no side effects, it just works!

Put this neti-pot in your regimen when you're fighting off a cold, and you'll be glad you did!

Shop "Neti Pot" on Amazon:

Neti pot image

Hope this product list was helpful to you. Please share with other singers to spread the love.

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