A Mother Like You
JJ Heller

Enjoy my acoustic guitar cover of “A Mother Like You” by JJ Heller.

This is also a guitar chord tutorial if you're learning how to play this song.

I've included the lyrics below and the chords that I used to play this song.

A Mother Like You  
JJ Heller

Lyrics & Guitar Chords

Capo 3rd Fret

VS 1

         G                 Em                    C          D

You gave me a drawer in your kitchen

         G                    Em                C                  D

You gave me the room with a view of the yard

          C            D                         G                      Em

Whatever the hurt, you knew right where to kiss it

          C                                         Dsus D

You gave me the best of your heart

               G                  Em                  C       D

And you carried my rocks in your pocket

   G                  Em                     C              D

Flowers and feathers and butterfly wings

 C                  D                G                  Em

You had an answer for all of my questions 

C                                              Dsus D

You showed me wonderful things

CH 1

    C   D            G                  Em

I know that it hasn’t been easy

   C  D             G                   Em

I hope that I love like you do

                C   D                  Em                      G/B

‘Cause I know that this world would be better

        C                      D                        G Em C D

If everyone had a mother like you

G Em C D

VS 2

G                      Em             C   D

You make the best macaroni

G                Em                C                      D

We never cared that it came from a box

        C                      D                      G                     Em

The mom in the stands always clapping her hands

               C                                           Dsus D

Started cheering and still haven’t stopped

               G                     Em                     C     D

And you held me when I came home crying

               G                      Em                       C                 D

‘Cause someone said something that just wasn’t true

C              D                G                       Em

I always said that Janelle was my best friend

        C                                   Dsus D

But really it’s always been you

CH 2

    C  D             G                   Em

I know that I haven’t been easy

    C D             G                   Em

I hope that I love like you do

               C  D                   Em                       G/B

‘Cause I know that this world would be better

       C                       D                      G Em C D

If everyone had a mother like you


G Em C D 

VS 3

       G                     Em        C          D

Our second was born in September

G                  Em                  C                 D

I still can’t believe I have kids of my own

    C                  D                 G                      Em

I look in their eyes and I can’t help but wonder

C                                                   Dsus D

Who will they be when they’re grown?

CH 3

   C   D                        G                  Em

I know that it won’t always be easy

   C  D            G                   Em

I hope I can love like you do

                C   D                 Em                G/B

‘Cause I know that my kids will be better

    C                   D                 Em  G/B

If they have a mother like you

    C          D                  Em G/B

If I am a mother like you

           C                 D

‘Cause I had a mother like you


G Em C D - G Em C D G

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