Best Gift Ideas
For Guitar Players

Here is a top 10 list of the best gift ideas for guitar players, recommended by a guitarist. Check out the recommendations below for the best gifts to buy for a guitar player, with links to shop those products on Amazon and see the latest reviews.

These guitarist gift ideas are not listed in order of importance or popularity, just a list of 10 great quality products that a guitar player would actually enjoy! Happy shopping! :)

1. Kyser Guitar Capo 

A guitar capo is an important tool and accessory for a guitarist to transpose the key that they are playing in easily and seamlessly. Kyser is the standard for a great quality capo, and this beautiful rosewood design will be sure to stand out as a practical and thoughtful gift for a guitar player.

Shop the Kyser Guitar Capo in Rosewood:

2. Guitar Strap

A cool guitar strap is a fun conversation starter and shows off the guitar player's personality or style in a unique way. It's a practical gift that can be used with an acoustic or electric guitar. This pattern is bright and bold. Feel free to look through other designs of a similar guitar strap to find a perfect match for their style!

Shop the best guitar straps on Amazon:

3. 9 Volt Batteries

Seriously! As a guitarist, I would love for someone to stock me up with a year's supply of 9V batteries! If your guitarist plays an acoustic electric guitar, meaning one that plugs into a sound system or an amp, then the guitar's pickups are usually powered by 9 Volt batteries. I keep an extra battery in my guitar case, but it's easy to forget to restock and then your guitar battery could die mid-performance without having a backup. So do them a favor by gifting some 9V batteries to keep on hand in their guitar case.

Shop 9V Batteries on Amazon:

4. Guitar Strings

Another guitar accessory that's good to have on hand is an extra set of strings. Elixir has been my favorite to play for over a decade, and the tone of the strings always lasts a LONG time! These are top notch and recommended by professionals who are picky because, well, they can tell the difference. Here is my top strings recommendation for an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Shop these guitar strings on Amazon:

Strings For Acoustic Guitar

Strings For Electric Guitar

5. Funny or Cool T-shirts

Who wouldn't love to receive a funny t-shirt that they relate to or a cool inside-joke that only musicians would get? Here are some top picks for funny or cool t-shirts for a guitar player:

Shop Guitarist T-shirts on Amazon:

6. Guitar Themed Mug

How about a mug with a guitar design that they could use every day and think of you? You could even fill the mug with some hot chocolate packets, apple cider or peppermint tea to add to your gift. Here are some of the top picks for guitar themed mugs.

Shop Guitar Mugs on Amazon:

7. Gift Cards

Sending a gift card to give some money towards their next music equipment purchase can be a great way to show your support and they can choose whatever they like. Giving a gift card to Guitar Center or Amazon can make gift giving simple.

Shop these gift cards for musicians on Amazon:

8. Guitar Wall Mount

This is a great gift for someone who wants to display their guitar on the wall and keep all of their guitar accessories in the same place. Here's my recommendation for a great wall mount for hanging a guitar.

Shop this guitar wall hanging set:

9. Snark Guitar Tuner

This tuner is the industry standard and works really well! Highly accurate and easy to use. 

Shop the Snark Guitar Tuner on Amazon:

10. Guitar Shaped Gifts

If the guitarist you're shopping for has the basic accessories already listed and you want something more unique, but still guitar shaped, here are some ideas. As a guitar player myself, I'm drawn to the guitar shaped kitchen utensils, and how cute is this cutting board?! 

Shop these guitar shaped gifts  on Amazon:

Hope you found this list of gift ideas for guitar players helpful. If you're shopping for someone who's just starting to learn to play guitar, watch the video below for my recommendation for the best first guitar to buy for a beginner.

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