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Looking for a great referral program to earn some affiliate income online?

In this video, I share my review of the Drink LMNT referral program. I explain how I earn affiliate income by sharing my referral link in YouTube videos and then selling the extra boxes on eBay.

Click here to try LMNT for yourself!

Watch the video below to hear my story of using LMNT drink mixes, and my experience with their referral program. 

Click here to try LMNT for yourself!

It's a product I actually use and naturally recommend to my friends and family. I joined their referral program from their website and got a special link to share online.

For each person who buys a box of LMNT through my link, I get a free box (Retail value $45). 

After using their drink mixes, I started mentioning it in vlogs on my YouTube channel and shared my referral link in the description of the videos. Then I decided to post a review comparing their drink mix to another hydration brand and made a few other videos talking about my favorite flavors. The more links you put out there, the more opportunities you're getting for clicks and potential buyers.

I used a tool called Tubebuddy to optimize my videos to be found in search results. (That's another great referral program to be a part of, btw.) Since Tubebuddy was helpful in getting views on these review videos, I wanted to mention it if you need help with SEO on your own videos.

Over time, people were finding my videos in search results when they were researching the product to look for reviews before they buy. I started getting emails saying, "Great news, you referred someone!" and it gave me a link to a checkout page to pick a flavor for a free box. I was excited to have some free boxes and was using the drink mixes as well as giving some away to family. Then I started getting one free box a week or so, and more recently started getting multiple boxes a week.

When I started getting more boxes than I could use myself, the eBay arbitrage began. I would list a new box on eBay for about $40 with free shipping and would accept offers around $35. Printing a shipping label through eBay saves 25% through the USPS, and the boxes are small enough to put in my mailbox to ship. After eBay fees and shipping costs, I made a profit of about $25 per box.

I wanted to share this side hustle idea for anyone interested in making affiliate income from referral programs and wants to know about the process before trying it out. I've had fun selling these on eBay, and it's a good quality product you can feel good about recommending.

Click my referral link to try LMNT. (see what I did there? ;)) 

Thanks for visiting my blog! 

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