Songwriting Survival Kit

Check out my Top 5 roducts to create your own Songwriting Survival Kit! For those who are on the go and constantly have ideas that need to be jotted down!

Inspiration hits at the oddest times doesn't it? Don't let all your ideas escape before you get a chance to write them down! Check out this Waterproof Shower Note Pad. Genius!

It's always good to have empty notebooks on hand so when you fill up one, you don't have to pick some up. I have filled so many of these! This 6-pack of Spiral Notebooks would be helpful to have a new one when you need it! 

Are you ever up at night with tons of ideas? You may not want to turn on the light or write in the dark, so this LED Lighted Pen would be great to keep by your bed for when inspiration strikes!

Keep a Pocket Rhyming Dictionary in your songwriting supplies to look up meanings and spellings of words, as well as finding the perfect rhyme.

This is a classic resource for helping finding the right word when you're feeling stuck. If you don't have a copy of a Thesaurus, make sure to get this incredible tool!

Thanks for checking out my list of items for your Songwriting Survival Kit! Hope it helps you write your next great song!

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